Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A Black CAT! Oh it is just Tux Kitty looking for a friend.

 Um, how many suckers can Batman eat at the same time?
 Spooky Pumpkins carved !
 Batman wore his costume all week, to bed and to the store and the next day and forever!  When people past him at the store they called him Batman. He would chuckle and say to me, "They think I am batman! " Like he was tricking them all and they didn't know it was just him!
 More pumpkins from out garden transformed into spooky creations!

 The gang all ready to go Trick-or- Treating. Little Re Riding Hood, A Witch, A Pirate Princess and of course BATMAN!
We did see a Zombie and we did get scared to pieces when a brother in our ward was sitting on his porch waiting to scare people. I think it was overall a great Halloween! The weather was 56 degrees, no snow or rain like the previous years!

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