Sunday, October 07, 2012

Fall and Confernce Weekend

 Yep it is general conference morning and this little girl doesn't want to get out of bed. It is cold!

 Camping out ready for conference, with bingo, lots of coloring pencils and snacks.
IT is cold in the basement! But we watched it on the big TV instead of on the little computer screen.
Well, not everyone wanted to play Bingo again so we shucked two boxes of beans! It took a lot of work and all we got was a bowl of Colorado River Beans. I think I understand why beans are so expensive. sheez.

 It will be 21 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. Yep everything left outside will be frozen. I cleaned out the filter on our heater but was trying to go as long as we could before we turned it on. Cold Cold weather is here!
  Beans drying in the cold truck cab outside.

 The poor tomatoes were completely frozen. The day before I collected two buckets of cherry tomatoes. I thought we were done but we flipped this plant over and got another bucket! UHHHGGG!
 This is my snacker helper. He eats most of the tomatoes that he picks. AND yes he is barefoot in the garden and it is cold. They just don't want to admit it is Fall...if there isn't snow then they don't want to wear shoes.

 The squash is DEAD! YES!!! Next year I will only plant two plants and if they die oh well, I will just get some from the neighbors. We had way too many this year. I just threw them to the chickens as they grew. I also took a big box to the food bank. I hope someone appreciated them more then us.

 We took the Corn stalks and made them into decorations for the front of the house.

 The beans are done.
 The bell peppers are so done and no one is sad.

 Tux has his winter coat started, thick and warm and ready for snow.

 Yucky cabbage, everyone was glad it was done.

 Edmund didn't want to be photographed. But we finally got him. He listened to conference upstairs all alone on the radio while playing a computer game on his DS. I wonder how much he got out of it.

Jumping and playing outside after being cooped up inside all day.

 Pirate Kitty. Always finds a way to sneak in the house and sleep in someones bed. Everyone loves her and she probably has a few accomplices.

 Lettuce and melon and pumpkins. All finished! Hooray!

We are grateful for our bounteous garden blessings and are glad fall has arrived. Next up, apples and leaves...

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Scorchi said...

It's funny that you appreciate your garden so much but are soooo glad to have it dying and done! I sure can see why you would be glad about an end to all that extra work!