Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Prairie Traveler by Raldolph B. Marcy Captain, U.S. Army

This is the best selling handbook for American Pioneers! Very interesting book. Did you know that there was a handbook for the pioneers so they would know what to do in this new and strange country out west? Well the author wrote this book in 1853 because he kept saying someone should write this down and no one did so he decided he needed too. I read it to get ready for my adventure on the prairie as a pioneer on trek.
The sad thing was how the Native American's were very misunderstood and the conflicts and fear that were centered around them. Also it was interesting that Malaria wasn't completely understood yet so they really didn't know you could get it from Mosquitoes. They knew you got it when it was wet or low, like a swamp but they hadn't put their finger on the fact that that was where mosquito also live. People died all the time from this little bug.
I liked the practical parts of this book on horses, crossing rivers, how to shoot a buffalo, Antelope, and a bear. I also appreciated the stories from the authors hands on training in most of the stuff. He traveled so many times through the west, back and forth with the military and with private companies. He reminded me of Lord Baden Powell. It was an interesting read. I am glad we have modern light weight tents and other practical gear for camping. They had it hard with their bulky tents and cooking stuff. Even starting a fire was challenging. I just turn on the gas and light a waterproof match. It was an interesting read right before going on Trek in WY. I didn't use any of the information but it was neat to think about the pioneers following it like the Bible as they came from different lifestyles to a new country and to the middle of nowhere. They had to learn to take care of themselves and they did.

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