Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Softball/ Ducks

The girls are playing on a slow pitch beginning softball city league team. They are Dynomite! They are having a great time and have won a few and lost a few. I'm glad they finally are learning a sport. This is the first team they ever played on and they caught on pretty fast. Don't they look sporty?

 Susan getting ready to get a grounder at third base.
 Lucy plays catcher, this is just a warm up usually she has a mask on.

 Best hitter on the team, wack it hard girl!
Lucy has great hand eye coordination and is getting better each time they play!

We have three Ducks in our chicken coop. The chickens are not happy but the ducks are because we put the kids swimming pool in there.
Their names are Billy Lips, Bob Lips and  Joe Lips. She can tell them apart by the color of their bills.
Our neighbor got the ducklings in the spring for his grandchildren to play with but they have gotten so big they are taking over  the whole yard so now they are ours. I hope they lay eggs soon or they will find a new home. Susan is their mother and will take care of them. Her rabbit died last week so she needed a new pet.

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