Thursday, July 05, 2012

4th of July Celebration!

It has been a fun week!
Fireworks at the Romeny Stadium Utah State University Logan Freedom Fire event 2012!!!!
 Susan and her friends got to perform and sing at the event. Here they are in the indoor practice field. It was 95-102 degrees while they rehearsed for two days all day! They got cool t-shirts and firehouse pizza for lunch one of the days. They had so much fun! John Jacobson was the choreographer. He is pretty famous. Craig Jessop was the choir director and they sang with the American Festival Chorus! Can't get better then that!

 Waiting for the final part of the performance. Kansas was performing but it was too loud to hear.

 BBQ on the 4th in our backyard. All the people from Aikido class were there!
 Cai came to visit too! She played with the kids and we had fun just having a few lazy days.

 She didn't see much of this cousin he was in his cave MOST of the time so he deserved this!

 Almost as tall as Cai. We sure are glad we got to spend time with our favorite cousin!

 Most of the fun group at the BBQ. Yummy food and lots of fun pelting the B-day boy with water balloons!


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