Saturday, October 08, 2011

Where did Autumn go?

SNOW! Yes is has snowed already. So is it Autumn or Winter?

I picked these before everything froze in the garden. Yum!

This is Maggie's fish that never dies even if she forgets it for days. It is happy to swim around. She just changed the water and he is happier now.

During Conference we got out the hot curling iron and added some style.

Edmund wanted his hair done too. All little boys do until you are done. We had to chase him down to get a picture.

He really needs a haircut if it long enough to curl like his sisters!

Super fancy! She didn't want to wash her hair for days to make the curls last.

That smile is worth a thousand bucks!

Aunt Danna came to town to celebrate her Birthday! She made her husband make dinner and it was so yummy. Lettuce wraps with this meat and nut stuff in the middle. YUM! Pam brought a bean dip and Kami, Fried Rice. I love good food with family!
We all sang Happy Birthday and she blew out the candles! We had cheese cake squares with blackberries and her daughter is turning 2 so we had a pile of popcorn balls with candy corn!

Cousins came from North Logan!

We sang a great rendition of Happy Birthday! I was so much fun to be all together!

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