Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Silent Boy by lois Lowry

This was a bit creepy yet really cute book. It was written like it was a historical fiction book but it was actually just FICTION.
The story is told from the point of view of Katy Thatcher, the curious daughter of a doctor, but it's really about the lives of three families, The Stoltz Family, The Bishop Family, and The Thatcher Family, and especially about Jacob Stoltz. If Jacob was around today instead of living in the early 1900's he would have been diagnosed with Autism, but back then people just knew that he wasn't all there. This matters little to Katy, who connects with him and feels an understanding with him as he pets her horses and gives her a kitten.
I love the innocent yet wise little girl Katy is. She isn't afraid to watch her father the doctor, take out stitches. She was getting told a lot of lies about where babies came from but her father simply explained it in a way that was the truth and it completely made sense to her, not like the lies that babies are found in the garden.
The book was created around some old photographs that the author found at a garage sale. They make it seem like it is a real story but she just made it up.
It was a short easy read with some tragedy in the end.

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