Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Gingerbread Man pictures by Karen Schmidt

For the book review today we have the classic tale of the Gingerbread Man!

Of course we had to make a few just to see if the would make a break for it.

The story is about the Gingerbread Man jumping out of the oven off the pan and out the door before the little old woman can eat him. Everyone along the way tries to catch him and eat him but he chants, "Run Run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man!" He gets away with it until he meets the Fox.
I don't know why the Fox is always so smart and the wolf is always so mean and dense in the fairy-tales but as you know the Fox out foxes the Gingerbread Man in the end.
This version of the story is different then the one where he helps him across the river then has him scoot a little higher as the water supposedly gets deeper until he is on his nose and he eats him!
Here we have the Gingerbread Man running and singing his song reciting all the poor people and animals he ran away from and the Fox says, "I can't hear you come a little closer."

So finally he is close enough for the wolf to just, snip snap. He eats him completely all gone! There is a great picture in the book of this and he carefully wipes his lips with a napkin afterwards. Such a refined and cunning Mr. Fox.

The kids guarded the door with their guns so he wouldn't get past them!

We have all our ducks in a row ! The gingerbread recipe had real molasses, which I just happen to have some in the pantry. I think molasses is nasty but with enough sugar and spices it is okay for gingerbread.

Jill insisted we make a Gingerbread Girl. She was so plump she did not even try to make a run for it. They also had her at gunpoint the whole time.

I don't remember him running into an elephant along the trail but you never know how desperate the Gingerbread Man can get for friends after all that drama in the book! Elephants are vegetarians and they never forget to take the garbage out.


Scorchi said...

Very cute post! Love the pictures and the guns!

Dananna said...

I love that version of this famous tale. Great memory of when we checked this story out of the library, soon after we caught my bigger girl reciting the story to herself and she said "Nip Nap, Nip Nap Nip Nap Gingerbread boy all gone!" We still say "Nip Nap" instead of Snip Snap about disappearing food!