Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Watcher by James Howe

This book is not what you would expect from the author of the Bunnicula series. It is a serious novel about a very lonely girl that watches other families every day on the beach but never participates. She is abused and neglected. The book is written from four perspectives. It is a great plunge into human behavior from so many perspectives. The four points of view are from totally different people that don't know each other but are all connected. The author brings them all together in the end.

It was a slightly haunting yet tear-jerker type book. I think it was well written despite all the colorful words and the mature themes. The watcher becomes the watched and in this world if you aren't watching out for others that are silently crying out for help, you might pass them by or judge them wrongly. I asked myself, "What would Jesus do?" He would help those in need and listen to others.

Broken, Healing Book

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