Friday, January 28, 2011

Poetry Recital

Memorizing a poem can be fun but challenging. I entered the kids in a yearly homeschool poetry festival. This years theme was Humorousity. It was so much fun!

This little girl's poem was, Mary had a little Pet by J. N. McLaughlin

They each picked a funny, silly or super outrageously laughable poem. They memorized it and practiced it over and over each week. Usually on family night. Then they were ready. The big brother did a peom too but I didn't get a picture. His was long and funny, called The Thanksgiving Turkey by Jack Prelusky.

This is Snowball by Shel Silverstien.

This little girl got up right at the end and recited Hickory Dickory Dock. She didn't want to be left out of all the fun.

We won prizes and got free pizza and sundaes. The kids thought that made it all worth it. Can't wait till next year!

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