Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Potato Peel Pie

This was a good book but I really do not like reading letters back and forth, it was confusing to keep track of people. Daddy Long Legs is also written in letters. I didn't like that either. But after getting over the letter thing I enjoyed the book. It was predictable when it came to the romance part yet unpredictable as the story unfolds when it came to the WWII. The stories were unique and haunting. I am glad that nothing was hidden and despite the horrors people lived through People found humor as they looked back on some of the situations. Not that the WWII was funny, just that is was good to see that many people joined together to laugh as they released some of the built up trauma they had been through.

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Carroll said...

I just finished reading the book a couple of hours ago! I agree about the stories being unique and haunting. I had no idea that Guernsey was occupied during WWII.

Re: the letter approach. I wonder what the book would have been like if there had been a single viewpoint character.

P.S. I don't know how Nanc and I missed your review of our book, Leaning into the Curves. Click on the comment link for that post...