Sunday, July 04, 2010

Leaning Into The Curves by Nancy Anderson and Carroll Hofeling Morris

I was asked to review this book as a favor to a friend and publisher who is doing a favor for Deseret Book. So get the word out because this is a Fun Book!

Having said that, I am reminded of the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover!" To start out I read the little description on the back of the book...a retired couple joining a Mormon motorcycle gang..."uh would there be anything I could relate too?" I thought. Surprisingly, I loved this book! It was slightly cheesy yet funny and insightful. I related more then I thought because I also am not the biggest fan of my husbands hobby of riding motorcycles. After reading this book, which presented quite a few facts and different view points on motorcycling, I can honestly say I would love to ride a motorcycle and have my husband ride more too! I'm sold!

The book turned into motorcycle therapy for me, as well as the main character. Her name is Molly. She also had to work through some issues with riding. She was so afraid of motorcycles that she was completely blinded to anything good about them and was putting her hysteria and biased onto her children and grandchildren. After she learned step by step everything there is to know about motorcycles from a really good friend, she was able to come to terms with riding and excepting her husband love of riding. Their relationship improved and they started new in planning their future together in their retired years.

I love the interaction between the husband and wife in this book. It was so real as they argued or did the silent treatment or tried to second guess each other. Luckily they also took time to pray and were patient enough to listen for inspiration before their marriage became one more sad divorce. They reminded me of my mom and dad after my dad retired. I can also see a bit of my husband and myself going through some of their same conflicts. I think reading this book will actually help me look at my life and relationship with my spouse a little different.

Even though the book was about an older couple I would recommend this book to anyone that just wants to read a good adventure between two people, or if you like motorcycles or not it would be a good one to read. Plus it might even make you laugh. I did.

I didn't know there was a Mormon motorcycle gang which is actually called TRA - Temple Riders Association. So they technically aren't a gang just a group of people that like to ride and do Temple work along the way. Most of the people are retired couples and they ride touring bikes like Gold Wings. The wife usually sits behind her husband. They map out a route with plenty of tourist attractions and sightseeing along the way to a temple somewhere in the USA. Sometimes the trip takes a week or two and sometimes it is a day trip. There are also single members in the group and women sometimes ride their own motorcycle. There are even people that aren't Mormons in the group. You never know when you might need a Ferret-sitter. (ha ha read the book to find out what I mean.)

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Nancy Anderson said...

Carroll and I both thank you for taking the time to read and review Leaning into the Curves. Although the hero and heroine of the story are "of a certain age," we appreciate that our younger audiences recognize the universal relationship conflicts that exist between couples of any age.

Carroll and I recently returned from attending a TRA function in Boise where we both had motorcycle adventures. Carroll rode double for a full day ride while I tried a tryke for transporation to a lunch at the Harley Davidson store. It was great fun.

Thanks again for your comments.