Monday, June 14, 2010

Net Force: The Ultimate Escape #3 by Tom Clancey and Steve Pieczenik

Another fun book, this time in a virtual air flight simulation program. One of the kids in the Net Force's team moves away but mysteriously shows up in the game and asks for help. The NF team knows he is in danger and no one will listen to them. They end up doing whatever it takes to help their friend. They of course get in trouble but also are commended for their ingenuity.

I liked the history in this book. It almost felt like historical fiction instead of YA Fiction. The History was all about past battles of the world from the sky. They got to fly everything in all kinds of wars from WWI, WWII and Pearl Harbor. Then a bunch of battles I never heard of like the Bosnian Crisis and Wild Weasel missions. They flew MiGs, F-15 fighters, Sopwith Camel, and P-51 Mustangs.

I think my dad would like this book.

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