Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Thing

Tagged on are my 25 random things about me just off the top of my head.

1. I get really frustrated trying to figure out simple things on the writing this? Did I put it in the right place on facebook? Did I do it right?
2.I love the snow! I love to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, throw snowballs and snow cave!
3. If someone else is remembering it or it is written down then I won't remember it.
4.I like to argue.
5.I like butter not margarine or other fake spreads.
6.I hardly ever ever read a book twice...I like suspense and if I already read it then I know what is going to happen next and it isn't as fun.
7.I put lotion on my hands about 6 times a day.
8.I always add water to the 100% juice container when the kids aren't looking, it makes it go further. Last night I added too much and my husband said it tasted nasty and wouldn't drink it. Ha Ha.
9.I look forward to Sundays.
10. I always go 8-10 days overdue. My babies like to bake!
11.My birthday always lands on or near Pres. day so it is like I get a holiday just for me!
12.I don't like to touch dog fur, if I do I wash my hands as soon as possible.
13. I don't mind handling and cooking raw meat as long as I hold my breath.
14. I love to talk. I am working on listening.
15. I have always wanted to go to Alaska.
16. I have never touched warm ocean water.
18.When I was growing up my family owned a small farm and I milked goats twice a day.
19. I am a really good shot with a rifle.
20. I really enjoy learning. I love to teach what I know to others.
21. I went to Wood badge this summer and am working on my two last tickets.
22. We moved in December but I haven't made any new bosom friends yet. (A term used by Anne of Green Gables if you don't know what I"m talking about.)
23. I love to read Jane Austen. I also like fantasy and fiction, but right now I am reading a history book for the new city we moved too and it is just fascinating!
24. I wore braces on my upper teeth for 2 1/2 years.
25. I am turning into my mother and I try to resist but it isn't working!


Scorchi said...

Fun stuff. I like #13 the best. Thanks for sharing.

elesa said...

Oh, I swam in warm ocean water once. Ugh. It was awful. It was so hot outside, and we couldn't wait to get into the cool refreshing water, but then the water was just as hot as the air!! It was like sweating all over, times 100.

Scorchi said...

We swam in wonderful ocean water in La Paz. Actually it is the Sea of Cortez. It was too warm outside, but the water was beautiful, clear and blue and not freezing. It was sooooo perfect.

Jenny said...

I enjoyed reading your list. As for you putting lotion on 6 times a day, I put it on 6 times an hour. Staying at home and changing diapers and cleaning (and living in ALBQ) really dries out my hands!!
I also don't read books twice.
I'm going to look you up on Facebook. Will you be my friend?!!