Friday, December 05, 2008

The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom

I heard this was a movie but I haven't seen it yet. I think my mother in law recommended the movie a while back. I just happened to see the book at the library and took it home. Yep, it was a good book. Surprising and a little creepy, death sometimes is because there is so much unknown.

Pretty much the guy dies, he meets 5 different people that have been waiting for him to tell him something about their lives, ask for forgiveness or get forgiveness or teach him something important and then they can go on to the next part of heaven themselves.

What makes the book so very very interesting is this ordinary man's life. He thinks he didn't make a different or accomplish anything but because all of our lives are connected without even knowing it he made a huge difference to millions of people. He fought in the Vietnam war, or the war before that. He was a hero but never thought about it that way when he got back because of all the garbage and yucky things he had to go through as a soldier. He loved his wife, deeply. He hated his job but this was where he made the biggest difference in the world. Little things are big things. Some parts of the book were really sad, some were yucky because war just is, but some of the book was very inspiring.

I recommend it for a good fast read that will make you reflect on life and maybe see things from a new angle.

Healing Book

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Sha'Niqua said...

It's also good to listen to as a book on tape while you're driving around rural utah collecting air samples early in the morning in the summer. Because that's what I did.