Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Harvest

We finally picked the pumpkins! They were almost completely covered in weeds and we were surprised to find a few hidden that we didn't even know were growing.
 I love my pumpkin. The white one is called a Casper pumpkin. It looks like a ghost. It will make a very scary jack-o-lantern. Edmund hurt his finger and wouldn't stop crying till we gave him a band-aid, then he couldn't remember which finger it was so we put it on this one and he was happy. He is also officially potty-trained. All it took was a a bunch of monster trucks from the $ store and a day earning them. Hooray!
We saved $25 dollars growing pumpkins for the family instead of buying them for Halloween. A few have battle scars because the grasshoppers and the chickens sometimes tried to eat them. We are thankful for a bountiful garden this year despite the water restrictions and heat.

 A Praying Mantis on the little fire engine is a very exciting event.The kids came and told me there was a really big grasshopper and I needed to see it. Finally I went and looked and it was this big bug praying!

And the cucumbers are finally pickled! They are dill but next year I want to try sweet  or maybe some relish.
The Grape juice is made! Thanks grandpa Ron for the grapes from the vineyard in Lindon!

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Scorchi said...

Beautiful! Great job!