Monday, September 10, 2012

Brigham City Temple Open House, UTAH

First we get on a BUS to shuttle us to the temple down the road a bit. Some of my children thought this was the best part of the whole trip...and the soda and french fries later that evening. sheez!

 Buses are fun!

 The temple grounds are also very beautiful. And you don't need to be as quiet or still in this part of the tour. PLUS you just got a big chocolate chip cookie and some water. The temple is very hot and so crowded the water was a welcome relief. Someone said that before 5pm there had been 9,000people that had already come through that day! My favorite part was the sealing room with the peach blossoms painted on the ceiling. My cousin Tyler Huntzinger (Aunt Cecil's grandchild)  had a hand in this and it was beautiful to see his handiwork all over the temple! The chandeliers were really cool too, Peter said they were more impressive then the Sacramento's temple. The art was really fun too, sometimes it was scenes of the valley and mountains surrounding the temples and harvesting of fruit. Perfect for Brigham City!

 This little guy wanted to be carried and wasn't the most quiet little guy but I'm glad we brought him anyway.


 On a different note, OOKIE had his first day of school. He was not too thrilled that he as the only boy. He played with playdough and ate snacks, then made a cool sand craft with glue, it was blue of course. We sang a song and played freeze dance a rama and read a story. For playtime he demanded some boy toys. Luckily there was a bin produced so his life could go on. Next week a new boy will join us at Joy School! Whew!

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Scorchi said...

I'm so glad you went! It looks beautiful.