Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Scorch Trials #2 and The Death Cure #3 (Maze Runner series) by James Dashner

I forgot I read these books in early May so I am going to put them together in this review.
Both were really intense and finally started answering the questions left dangling from the first book The Maze Runner. The second book was a little on the dark side and really creepy. The third book was fast passed and full of adventure. What is really hard about this series is how in the dark the reader and the main character are kept. We really do not know what is really going on or why stuff happens or who is the good guys or bad guys the whole way through the story, even to the last page you are still scratching your head wondering...
The stories take place at the end of the world and some kids are being used in an experiment to save mankind but it is almost too late. The kids have their minds erased so they are only looking forward and aren't confused by the past. They bond into tight groups to survive the deadly challenges placed before them. Some of the stuff if just really scary.
I think a lot of people compare this series to the Hunger Games but I think they stand alone. There seems to be a purpose to the dying but in the end you question this even if the motives were genuine in the beginning but people are naturally selfish and destructive so there are turns to the original idea of the "tests". The HG series is completely pointless when it comes to kids killing kids, it is for others enjoyment and has no purpose to help anyone other then the corrupt government. I think both were very well written and you couldn't help but wanting to keep reading to see what happens next but they were different.

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