Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday !

 Yes she has finally turned Ten! We didn't have a lot of time to celebrate on her real Birthday because that was opening night for the play but we did get a cake in and opened a few presents around 11pm.

 Then we had another Birthday party on Eclipse day! Look at the shadows on the wall in our backyard. That was neat.
 We saw the eclipse on Peter's shirt!
 You can kind of see it. The picture didn't turn out as good at the actual looking at it.

 We had mini-cheesecakes.
 Lemon powder cookies.
 Only one problem, the party started an the Birthday girl was completely zonked out. She had hives so I gave her some Benadyl and she fell fast alseep.
 When everyone finally arrived we had to wake her up so she could open this from her cousins!
 Then we went outside to bust open the pinata.

 Lucy finally whacked it in half and the candy was gone in an instant.

 The cousins jumped and jumped. Later that week we received the best present ever! A new trampoline bouncy part from the McGills! Now we won't fall in the hole.
 The cats thought the party was fun too. They kept trying to get the ropes out of the tree.

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