Saturday, October 02, 2010

Conference Saturday Fun!

General Conference in the school room:

Everyone has their snacks and conference Bingo! We watched it on my computer. It is time like this when I wish we had a TV.
This guy listened to it upstairs on the radio all by himself. He must have been listening because he knew the other way to spell LOVE, T-I-M-E.

Potatoes! In between session we found these. It is like a little treasure hunt or digging for buried treasure.

We didn't even know there were potatoes really growing in our garden. We decided to dig. We had two spots with potatoes. We started on one spot and it was so hard to dig down. We found a few at first just on accident.

Then this little girl went over to the other spot and came back with a whole bucketful of potatoes! We were so surprised. It was easier to dig them over there because they weren't as deep and the soil was super fine and nice. Now what do we do with them? No one eats them at our house unless I am mean and make them.

It is time to can but when? I don't have time!

This is our new kitten. Mike found him during the last session online somewhere close for free. The kids are so excited! He is very shy. The other cat hates him. I hope they make friends before winter comes so they can snuggle.

Funny little boy.
He has completly bounced back from his hand surgery. It sure is a challenge to keep him out the water. He is a very active guy.

Funny little girl all dressed up for Cowboy day at preschool. She needed to bring something for show and tell. Of course she wanted to bring a horse. That blue basket is filled with horses and ponies. She couldn't just decide on one and she had to take the cow and calf too. MOOOO!

Artisian Bread funnies!
We are still trying to make the perfect bread!


It was supposed to look like this:

Here is #6 the final bread from the batch. Ummm, it was a K for Kim but oh well maybe I should have just left it to your imagination. It sure tasted great!

We are starting a new batch for the week.


bug girl said...

Those are some funny looking breads. But that new batch looks like its going to make some fantastic loaves this coming week.

I can't believe you got a new kitten. I hope you teach it to stay in the back yard.

Pam said...

I planted 10 potato plants and got 10 potatoes, only two of which were bigger than my eyeball. We ate them sliced and hidden under meatloaf. Everyone likes potatoes around here though, so I didn't need to hide them. I'm impressed with your haul. Can I have some of your dirt, mine seems to be lacking something.