Friday, August 22, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

SPOILERS!!! I give tons of the plot away so don't read this if you want to be surprised when you read the book. I will say right up front...The book is not for children!!!!!!!!

What was Stephanie Meyer thinking? Is she taking over every parents responsibly to teach their children/teenager about Sex! Does she think she has the right to write all those books then end with one more in the series that of course all those same young girls that have been reading her books all along are going to read, despite her warning that it isn't for children under 13...I don't think it is for children under 18!!!

The whole book was filled with Bella and Edwards sexual life and thoughts, not just the beginning when we went on their honeymoon with them but throughout the whole book they constantly couldn't wait to be alone and get it on! All the way to the last page you hear it, they are consumed by each others sexual desires!!!! Sure you can get into the book and just try to ignore this but my daughters won't be reading this type of smut until they are more mature and have a better understanding of the difference between love and LUST! It is a part of life and they are married but I don't need to read about it, little girls don't need to idolize the characters in the book and think about this yet!

Can you imagine writing about your honeymoon, or about how much you want your husband and how many times a day you think about him and want him in bed or can't wait till the kids are asleep, then you take these writings and hand them to your daughter or your daughters best friend...maybe around the age of 14 or even 16 and say, "Here, would you like to read an adventure story about mom and dad?" YIKES. Really teenagers do not need to be focusing on this until they are adults and ready to date seriously and get married. Teenagers don't need to take it to this level yet!

Okay, now that I got that off my skin. The book was sappy and slightly predictable. It was also a great ending or beginning for Bella and Edward and their little girl. I liked Bella's new self a lot better then the old one as a human. She is strong, smart and not so wimpy, dependent on Edward or Jacob.

The part where she gives birth is pretty gross because most of her bones break and you don't know what kind of monster is going to come out and she has to go through the pain of becoming a vampire, very intense. BUT I was a little disappointed she one of the first things she does as a vampire is lie about what she went through. The excuse is she is trying to protect feeling of the ones she loves but I still think the truth is always better then a lie. Really they could have dealt with it after they already dealt with so much. This doesn't give her any integrity points in my book.

The whole drinking human blood is something I will never be able to get used too, even if it is very common in these books because it is vampires and shape-shifters. This is very satanic no matter what science fiction book you want to jump into. It is just sick and wrong. Sure sure, they have to eat something but I'm sorry it is just wrong and not something I want to think is common or okay for someone.

Overall a very creative book. Alice is of course my favorite. She adds mystery and spice to the book near the end. I felt sorry for Charlie but I'm glad he wasn't just dumped like the poor mom. The mean Italian mafia was a bit overdone but at least the fight never happened even though it was like it did because they talked and planned for it so much before it was to happen. I'm glad Jacob is happy, it was really too bad he was going to be left behind but now he isn't.

It was a good adult book. Lots of sex and love with the whole supernatural thing going. I would say it is a Broken Book. I don't recommend it for children and I think parents should discuss it with their girls because of course they are going to read the last book in the series! The movie comes out soon for the first book, if you have read the other reviews I wrote about these books you know I don't think any of them are for children/teenagers because of all the mixed messages they send about what is right and wrong. All Broken books, good is bad and bad is good.

That's all, hope you enjoyed your read!



Le Bolide said...

I totally didn't read this blog post, because I don't want the book spoiled for me.

le said...

I couldn't believe how much sex there was either. My sister in law on my side was pretty disturbed by it too.

elesa said...

Phew! I'm so glad I didn't read it. Having it summed up by someone else satisfied my curiosity and I didn't have to deal with the parts of the book I knew I was going to hate.

SillySlang said...
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