Saturday, September 08, 2007

Eight Cousins by Alcott

Oh what a happy book about a rich spoiled girl with 7 boy cousins. She wasn't really spoiled rotten but stepping back and putting it in perspective she didn't have a care in the world so maybe she was just rich and content.
She has a really cool uncle and he teaches her all kinds of new things and gets her to think for herself instead of just following the latest trend or image other girls her age are living like. She learns to sail and ride a horse. She also loves to study. She isn't really the kind of spoiled that puts it in your face and is mean but she really doesn't need to do anything for herself if she didn't want to. She has maids and cooks and a huge house with rich aunts. Luckily her uncle makes sure she learns to share and have compassion. She also learns to bake bread and clean.
I thought it was cute and well written book for girls. Whole Book...

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