Friday, November 17, 2006

The Rifle by Gary Paulsen

I just don't get it??? This book started out as a really great book about the making of the sweetest weapons used in the Revolutionary War. The details were so awesome I could see the rifle taking shape in my imagination from the melted steel, to make the barrel, to the hard well dried maple for the stock. The details and love and time that went into this piece of art were so awesome it almost made me cry.

Then the story takes you on a journey, a journey the rifle lived and the people the rifle came in contact with and even killed. There was some beautiful history which came to life...
The end was just too sounds like guns are good then it comes to an abrupt end with the death of a young boy killed by the gun, on accident, because no one knew it was loaded for over 200 years. The author leaves you with the lingering question in your mind...guns didn't kill people, people killed people, is this true or false? The boy that dies in this story was killed by the gun...or the people?
Interesting enough he also makes fun of people that love the constitution and the second amendment and guns but don't know a lot about history or the cold hard facts of why we have them in the first place. He makes fun in a way of people that are uneducated in what they claim to believe. I hope I don't fit in that category!
Over all I think it was a book worth reading and I wonder if the author lost a friend in a gun accident?
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