Monday, November 20, 2006

The Island by Gary Paulsen

Wil Neuton is fifteen, he is a pretty confident kid. His family moves to a new place and he finds an Island in the middle of a lake. He can go there and be alone and learn about himself and nature. His parents think he is nuts. They don't understand. He just wants to paint and write while he watches the fish and the loons and ants on the island. He decides to stay there for a while, just camping out and thinking and that is when it all goes crazy. Reporters come and do interviews, his parents send out a doctor to evaluate him, a girl he makes friends with falls in love with him and all he wanted was a nice quiet place to think, write and paint for a short time in the summer.
It was a good read. Kind of for a more mature teenager and a bit deep for a kids book but overall I thought it was interesting. Some of the water color paintings were in the book and a bunch of his short essays he wrote. He is a funny kid just trying to figure adults out and other people and the things around him in the world. Totally innocent but so sad that so many people freak out about the idea of a boy staying on an island all by himself.

Healing book almost Whole.

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