Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Winter Room by Gary Poulsen

I know I know!!! Another book by Gary....He is really truly a great writer! So I came across this little book by him called the Winter Room so I checked it out. It sat in the library box here at home for about a month...Finally I picked it up and read it. Took probably 3 hours...Which I didn't use all at once....
It was about a little family living on a farm and the written from the youngest boys perspective. The mom and dad and two uncles were from Norway. During the winter the one uncle would tell stories about the old country. There were lots of logging stories, Viking stories and a love story. (very innocent and sad story about a girl that died). The book also described how hard it was working on the farm and how the boy hated the slaughtering of the animals in the fall. (yucky details but puts it in perspective because this was the cycle of life on the farm to survive.)
I would say this was a WHOLE BOOK. I enjoyed the short read and the country I never really think about...Norway. Interesting.

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