Friday, September 15, 2006

River Secrets by Shannon Hale

Oh, yeah this one is a good one! Shannon Hale does it again! This book is full of mystery and innocent romance. The mystery is easy to figure out but I like the way she takes it through the steps of how it was figured out by the main character.

The whole book is written from the perspective of Razo. He was just a forest boy, poor and just a nobody...until he helped the goose girl in a previous book become princess and he helped Enna in the other book. Now he is part of the kings army, "Bayern's Own". He is brave and sneaky. He plays a major roll in helping Bayern and Ingridan stay peaceful.

Of course there is another person that has a special talent. This time it is "water speach". I don't know if any of you have watched the cartoon Avatar, but it is funny how the powers are the same, Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. This book just takes it a bit more seriously then the cartoon, which is pretty silly.

There are some scary parts in the book and some really cruel parts because they are dealing with bad guys/soldiers. Nothing gets as bad as the last book where the scary parts were pretty intense when Enna was burning. So aside from the scary parts which kind of have to be there I guess the book is great!

I wish it had developed some of the other characters a little bit more instead of mainly focusing on Razo but oh well.

I think this book is a Healing book and I can't quite decide if it is a whole book or not...

So who wants to borrow it first! I can send it to Utah next week!

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