Friday, April 09, 2010

The Shortstop by Zane Grey

Baseball fan? This is the book for you! Written in 1909 Zane Grey the author takes you back to the beginnings of baseball. A young boy age 17 had to quit school to earn money for his family. He worked in a factory but was getting no where so he quit and goes on a journey to follow his dreams of becoming a professional baseball player.
He catches a train and has some hard breaks but eventually finds a manager that believes in him despite his appearance. He learns the ropes of playing on a minor-league team. Wins the hearts of the town and falls in love.
The book uses a lot of the old baseball jargon and sometimes I have no idea what they are talking about but you kind of get swept up in the excitement of the game so it doesn't matter. I wish baseball today was a little like baseball back then. Now it seems to be so easy because everything has been done. Back then it was all new, the curve ball the home runs, the umpire calling a game or kicking someone out...exciting.

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