Friday, February 05, 2010


We studied a little bit about Degas. He sure liked ballerinas! It was fun using the oil paints and cotton balls to blend and smear.

I know it is nothing like the master painter but the kids had fun. That is what I call a successful lesson on art. Where else will they get to do this?

Of course the little beggar boy always has fun! He is so smiley lately. Sometimes he just starts cracking up at the littlest things. His laugh is of course contagious and then everyone is having fun and is happy!


lauren said...

I love Degas! Here is a picture I took in France of one of his sculptures. Beautiful!

le said...

We like Degas in our family. We have a little children's book with some of his more famous paintings. My daughter was not very old at all, I put a dress on her for church, and my son exclaimed mom she's a ballerina! He was so excited, I know he was basing his comparison on the Degas book. Although now almost a year later, he doesn't even recognize a Degas painting. The book lost favor after a while, and with that he has the memory of a small child. I still enjoy Degas though.