Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Blue Sword by Robin Mckinley

This book was recommended for RS book group when we had to bump a rotten book off our list. I am glad we added it! I loved it! Lots of adventure and descriptions plus a new world not quite like ours. It is a Fantasy/fiction book but didn't have any aliens or dragons (only mentioned one, but that really doesn't count).
The main heroine is a girl! She starts out just being an orphan and was shipped to an uncles house in the desert. She was kind of restless and bored for a while. THEN she was kidnapped but wasn't afraid...just kind of went with it because the life she was leaving behind was boring and she wanted to see what would happen next. (that was the weird part). Well, there is magic and a war...there is also a lot about these special hunting cats and some pretty amazing large war horses. It was a good read and I especially like a book that doesn't end when you think it is the end but tells a little bit more just to cover all the bases, loose ends and stuff like that. Example: you get to the end of the chapter and think it is the end of the book and all those emotions and maybe a sigh happen but then you turn the page and hooray another chapter!
I think there is a sequel...but I haven't found it yet. Anyone know?

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Oemac said...

I like this book a lot too. All the girls in my Family are Robin Mckinley fans.

The sequel is The Hero and the Crown, but it is actually a prequel. It is the story of the Dragon and Aerin that they allude to in the Blue Sword. It has more fantasy elements in it, but it is still good. I also like all of McKinley's retellings of Fairy Tales (Beauty and Rose Daughter are both retellings of Beauty and the Beast and both very original)

Marie Hatch Chambers said...

Sounds good. I just reserved it. Thanks for the review.

Cadina Family said...

Yes, it is The Hero and the Crown. And, it's interesting that it is a prequel...even though she wrote it after The Hero and the Crown. :0) But, so glad you liked The Blue Sword!! :0) I really like the Princess was a fun read. :0)