Monday, May 18, 2009

The Zoo, Renaissance Fair and weekend fun!

We had an adventure the other day going down to Salt Lake City. First we needed a we planned everything and crammed it into one day!
First we woke up earlier then early because we wanted to beat the crowds at the Hogle Zoo. (funny everyone and their stroller was there!) My sister-in-law had passes and needed to be used before the end of the month and luckily shared them with us! We saw giraffes, elephants, snakes and the red panda, plus the backside of a zebra. He wouldn't turn around.

I like the Giraffes the best.

My two year old was the happiest to be at the zoo but she was the one that had the hardest time seeing the animals.

My camera ran out of batteries before we finished half the morning! I might have to add other pictures I never blogged about yet as I tell this story. Here is one that has nothing to do with our adventure. The double rainbow from last week, posted for the Birthday girl!
From the zoo we had to rush off to my sister's house for lunch and a birthday party. My parents met up with us and my other sister in law plus my other sister! That was a lot of people to feed and party with. I wish we could have stayed longer and helped clean up after. Sorry to my best sister in the world!

THEN we rushed off to the Renaissance Fair in Ogden. My magic uncle Ralph's magic show comes down every year from Seattle for this one! I glad I finally got to see him perform after like 10 yrs. We didn't get to see the famous saw the person in half magic trick but the ones we did see were awesome!

We also saw a bit of jousting. Or at least a few horses warming up for the joust. The girls liked playing with the goats more then anything. They were babies and very tame. We saw lots of cool things to buy but luckily I didn't have any cash so we didn't buy all those cool things. It was hot and we then had to rush back up to Logan so we could pick up the lambs and get them to the fairgrounds. They had to be registered and tagged in person for the County Fair in Aug. 2009's 4-H events. That was a circus... the lambs just don't follow yet so we had to pull and push them and everyone else did too. Imagine 30-40 lambs all going the wrong way with a small child attached to their halter ropes. It was really hard not to just sit there and laugh but I was pushing a sheep instead. Here is another random picture. Yep big sister is reading to little brother. ahhh so cute.

Then Saturday Mike took off for something in SLC and I decided to try mowing the lawn. So every time the baby fell asleep I would eventually get the mower started and push it as hard as I could. Thanks for letting us borrow it, you are the best sister in the world! It is so loud that you have to wear ear thingers and eye protection (all kinds of things are being swooped up from the ground, rocks sticks and pine cones). The lawn is so overgrown that it gets all caught up and the mower tries to stop but doesn't if you lift it a bit and stop, very temperamental but better to mow now then is a jungle out there! I am glad we are getting the yard under control. We also worked on the dandelion invasion and we started a mulch pile. FUN! Achhoooo! Allergy season is here and I have a sinus infection. I lost my voice and it just barely came back on Sunday. I feel like Kim (another best sister in the world!)

Sunday finally came and I love the day of rest at the end of busy weeks. Anyway I missed most of church because of the tiny innocent baby. He was so squirmy and noisy!
Then off to choir and Cub Committee meeting after church. I missed most of choir because of tiny fussy baby and the squawking parrot that scared him silly.(Parrot was at choir directors house and is really loud while we practice.) The Cub Comm meeting was good but I had to hold fussy baby and conduct. We are going to have a fun Pack meeting next week outside at a very cool park! I need to get all kinds of things ready for that this week, luckily I am learning to delegate!

When I got home the kids were scattered throughout the great outdoors so after rounding them up and feeding them something from the freezer, it was time for bed. Whew. Nothing like a good long day of rest!

I really can't wait for another week to start! We are going to have beautiful weather for a few days! I want to get the garden area rotor-tilled. We got tools on craigslist Saturday night! Now we can all work work work together. Oh and has anyone seen the movie The Tale of Despereaux? Very funny. I heard the book was better and can't wait to read it with the kids.

AND finally getting around to posting this...I will add...
Today was so hot we actually played in the sprinklers and washed the mini van. The long winter is OVER! Right, it is over? Yippee!!! I love winter but Spring should not be intermixed with other Seasons!
He loves this action shot!

If you got through this long post you deserve a prize! Get up and go to the kitchen. Get down a large cup and fill it with cold water from the faucet! Drink! Congratulations!


bug girl said...

It's nice to know what happened last weekend. I couldn't get anyone in the family I live with to tell me what they did or if they had fun. I didn't realize so much was packed into Friday! (and for you Sat. and Sun.) Sorry you have a stuffy head. My voice is just coming back.

Scorchi said...

I love all the news and the fun pictures for sheep speak. Thanks!

ps wish I were there to help with fussy baby!

elesa said...

So what time did you actually get to the zoo? Did you get to see many animals? When we went we got there around 1:00 and almost all the animals were asleep. It is hard to get a 2 year old excited about a sleeping tiger.

SillySlang said...

Wow, thanks for the prize! I needed that.

Jenny said...

Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy! I think Evan would really enjoy going to a Renaissance fair; we'll have to find one around here this summer. Have you ever been to the one in Ashland, OR?

Your fussy, wiggleworm baby is SO chubby and cute!!!! I already miss the baby days of Daniel! Time to start applying for another.