Monday, May 19, 2008

CS Lewis

We listened to The Horse and His Boy and I just finished The Magician's Nephew. Love them! We read them so we could go see the movie Prince Caspian but you can see we didn't read Prince Caspian yet...ummm, that as the whole point. I can't get a hold of this book on CD or tape from the library. Everyone must have had the same as we wait we will read the rest of the Narnia Series. I am not good at waiting...I wanted to see the movie!!!! Of course my son has read it a couple of times and is very disappointed to not see it last weekend right when it came out and waiting is not his forte.

Did anyone else see it? Don't tell me what happens but tell me if it is worth waiting for.


hairyshoefairy said...

I saw it and wrote about it on ,my blog. I need to finish reading it again, though. I've forgotten so much. I think my favorite of these, from what I can remember, is The Magician's Nephew. I just love all of C.S. Lewis' stuff.

ae said...

We saw it, though I deliberately did NOT read Prince Caspian again, cause I'm nearly always disappointed if I read the book right before I see the movie. Lots of battles and fighting in this one, and some shaky camera work that I didn't care for, but I mostly liked it. Can't say if it matched up the book until I read it again. I think I like the Horse and his Boy best.

le said...

I have it, too bad you don't live here.