Thursday, February 21, 2008

Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer

I was a little disappointed in these books...especially after a few very trusted relatives and friends said they weren't very scary or like other Vampire stories. THEY were scary and all Broken Books. I don't know if they were like other vampire stories because I try to avoid such things. What were you all thinking? I am a delicate person. These books gave me nightmares...but it didn't stop me from reading the second book or the third one...I am still a bit creeped out though. The author does have a compelling way of writing where I couldn't wait to see what would happen next...not exactly predictable because of the "catchy" Vampire theme, I think.

What really scares me more then Vampires and Werewolves is the fact that teenagers are so stupid. The mentality of these "scary romance" novels was so sappy and dripping with, she loves him, he loves her but then oh does he still love me if I threaten to leave or die or if I look at him wrong... gag! AND knowing that other teenagers are reading these and thinking they are real life, that is scary. If you don't believe me well then I am going to kill myself and then you will be sorry, boo whoo! Unbelievable, since when does threatening to kill yourself ever work? (I haven't tried it maybe they have something here).

*Spoiler alert*
Would you really want your teenager to be like the main girl in the story? Lying, sneaking out, having a boy sleep in her room every night, doing dangerous things behind your back like riding motorcycles without helmets and jumping off cliffs. Drinking cough syrup to help you sleep even though you don't have a cough. What kind of promotion for self medicating is that? The book portrays her as the sweet weird type special girl that just wants to be left alone, yet she can't seem to make friends and when she does all of them are so shallow she could care less about them. She falls in love with a Vampire and then almost dies a billion times. Then falls in love with a werewolf. Her life is such an addictive soap opera. Everything is turned around so that Good is bad and bad is good, the story twists it so you are cheering her on. In her world the Vampires are portrayed in a way so they seem like the underdogs stuck in our world just trying to be good despite the fact they have to kill animals to quench their thirst for blood. (poor mountain lions and bears) They have to lie, they are good at stealing cars (it was necessary for the greater good), they are sneaky and some read other peoples personal thoughts all the time (would you want him in your head?)

I know it is FICTION. The writer sucked me in most broken books do. I was rooting for the Vampire the whole time, the werewolf never really had a chance...until the end of the 3rd book when the oh so innocent human has to decide between the two of which she is trying to manipulate into killing her and having premarital sex, the other trying to get her to choose him because he hates the vampire...doing anything he can to win her kiss, even taking it by force...little to close to a rape victim to me...The vampire wants her to marry him, he doesn't even care if they elope.

Will I read the fourth book coming out in Aug.? well to be honest, yes. I really need to know if she becomes a Vampire too and how she deals with the whole bloody mess she has got herself into. Do I want my children to read these books and idolize the main girl or the other teenagers in this story. Not on your life!


eh said...

AAAAAAMEN! I agree with you whole heartedly. I kept reading because I wanted to see what happened, but by the end of the 3rd book I could see that the main character obviously doesn't have the ability to make good choices and I was so sick of her that I couldn't wait to be done with the book. And I am annoyed at Stephanie Meyer. She should take a little more responsibility, considering her fan base. I read the books because they were recommended by the young women in my ward. Every 12-14 year old girl I know loves these books, and it is just way more kissing than they need. Will I read the next book when it comes out? Nope. But since just about everyone else I know just LOVES the series, I'm sure I can have one of them give me the scoop. Great Review!

bug girl said...

I thought they were fun. I wasn't scared. I was extremely annoyed with having to relive high school though.

The main character wasn't too stupid in the first book, but in each book afterwards she became increasingly less intelligent, less independent, and more annoying.

I will read the next book. I want to know what happens next. But if I don't get around to reading it for the next 50 years I won't be sad or antsy.

le said...

I liked the books, although I don't know what scary enough to give nightmares. I wouldn't want my teenagers reading the books without telling me. I would rather have them read it and discuss the different themes in them, than forbidding them to read them, and then read them at a friends or something, not have the chance to discuss what is right and wrong about them. My mother is the one that told me to read the book, and even though I am married we discussed it and talked about what we would talk about to a teenager that read it. Even mormon teenagers are confronted with premarital sex all the time, even without this book there are still a lot of topics that even a 12 year old girl needs to discuss with an adult. As my husband says if I child is old enough to get on the internet they are old enough to have a conversation about pornography. Just because we don't want our kids in sin, does mean they won't be tempted before we are ready. Not to mention teenagers need to be taught the difference between infatuation and love, something the main character doesn't understand.

Mellysnelly said...

Ditto to just about everything you said about this series. I kept reading because I wanted to know if she became a long will this get dragged out? I think the writing is terrible and the characters disgustingly codependent. Someone else will have to tell me how the whole soap opera ends because there are just too many good things to read to waste time on this.

The Bec-ster said...

Well, I think the Harry Potter books are scary and I think the Series of Unfortunate Events series is scary. So even though they are scary to me they might not be scary to you. I don't think I am as desensitized as most of the world when it comes to the scariness scale.

Le-as for letting my kids read them when they are teenagers... Of course they will have the choice but it won't be something I hand them and encourage. Like Mellysmelly said there are just too many great books out there to waste on books like these. I personally hope to inspire my children to read classics and enjoy well written literature not sloppy romances.

I live in a bubble please don't burst is quite comfortable in here!

I also think that if you read enough good books then when you read a bad book you will be able to tell the difference, so even though there are lots of books to choose from, the more you read the better the sense of good/bad comes through in the end. My son just recently read a captain underpants book...very stupid and shallow. He also just read Huckleberry Finn. When we talked about it, he knew that one was great and the other a waste of time. He had a choice and he made a good choice...he hasn't wanted to read anymore garbage in the C. U. series.