Friday, April 20, 2007

Ultra Marathon Confessions of an all-Night Runner by Dean Karnazes

This is a wonderful book! I had never heard of an Ultra Marathon. I never even considered it...not just Marathon but Ultra. Did you know that people run foot races that are 100 plus miles long? They do! They run all night sometimes. I am still in awe and so inspired to run more. Of course I only run a few miles but still the book inspired me to want to be healthier and try harder to reach my goals. (I do have goals even though I didn't publish them at New Years, really.)

Dean is the guy writing this book. He loves to run. He runs and runs and runs. He still works a full time job to support his wife and two kids yet he finds time to run. He even finds time to play with his kids. He runs in the morning, at night, at lunch...he runs every day.

He takes you on his journey from start to finish as he races the most amazing distances and places. Every muscle in his body is screaming out in pain and he keeps going. He never gives up. He would die if he didn't run because he is so addicted to running.

He has almost run every race there is to run so now he runs for charity and helps raise money for sick children. I think that is really cool. He lives in the bay area and runs right around here. I haven't seen him.

I don't want to eat refined or processed food anymore. I wish I could shop at Whole Foods every day. I wish I could feed my children wholesome fresh foods instead of junk and sugars and fat that are holding our society back.

Anyway, this was a very entertaining and intriguing book. I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone sitting down right now!

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Sha'Niqua said...

Oooh! That one sounds good. But don't talk to Kim about being addicted to anything (especially running), because she'll send you webpages about getting help for your addiction.